Hello. My name is Brodie, and I’m a semi-retired wedding, portrait, and adventure photographer based out of Victoria, BC, where I live with my wife and cats.

When it comes to weddings, I aim to capture moments as candidly and authentically as possible. My goal is not to capture an image that is reminiscent of a given moment; my goal is to capture that moment as it happened, to evoke in the subject, when later viewing the image, the same kind of emotion and mood that was present at the time the photograph was taken. Although my focus is on documentary-style wedding photography, I make sure to capture the “safe” formal family portraits and am happy to discuss more elaborate portraits as requested.

Most of my work these days is done with my friend Heather at Tulle & Tweed Photography, but I occasionally accept other projects. Please get in touch and I will be happy to discuss whether we might make a good fit. 

All the best,


Photo credit: Heather Stone of Tulle & Tweed Photography