Hudson Bay Mountain

Landscapes – 2014 – Yukon to Oregon

I was lucky enough to get up to some pretty great adventures in 2014. I’ve been going through last year’s photos and decided to put together a small collection of landscape shots from those adventures.

In early May I was driving from Calgary to Smithers and took this shot just off the highway.

2014 Landscapes - Ice Fields, AB
Near Ice Fields, AB, May 2014

Later on, in July, I did some traveling around the BC/Yukon border. Here is a sunrise outside of my tent on Palmer Lake.

2014 Landscapes - Palmer Lake
Palmer Lake sunrise, July 2014

Here is an aerial shot of Atlin Lake, BC. I got to camp with an old friend on a mountainside for 3 days, with nary another soul about. I hadn’t experienced that kind of distraction-free solitude in quite some time. It was very nice.

2014 Landscapes - Atlin Lake, BC
Atlin Lake, BC, July 2014

We camped next to Tarfu Lake (or one of the small lakes along side it). Fog began to form on the lake as the sun went down.

2014 Landscapes - Tarfu Lake, YT
Tarfu Lake, YT, July 2014

Later in the month I made my way down to Portland and then Smith Rock, OR.

2014 Landscapes - Smith Rock, OR
Smith Rock, OR, August 2014

In August, some good friends and I trekked along the Juan de Fuca trail on Southern Vancouver Island.

Juan de Fuca
Juan de Fuca Trail, August, 2014

I made my way back up North again to Smithers, BC, for the end of August. Here is a shot from beside the river near my friend Markus’ place.

2014 Landscapes - Smithers, BC
Near Smithers, BC, August 2014

My partner Anna & I went on a few amazing hikes this trip. Here is a shot from midway along a 24km circuit in the Babine Mountain Range, just as a thunder storm rolled in.

2014 Landscapes - Babine Mountain Range, BC
Babine Mountain Range, BC, August 2014

And finally, here is an already-posted shot from our hike up to the summit of Hudson Bay Mountain.

Hudson Bay Mountain
Hudson Bay Mountain, near Smithers, BC. August, 2014