29 May

Mt. Arrowsmith - May 2015

Mt. Arrowsmith, BC

May 29, 2015

Although certain events left a damper on the day, we had quite a nice hike and camp up Mt. Arrowsmith last weekend. It was a nice, sunny climb up. A helicopter circled around the range a few times shortly after we reached our camping spot, above the saddle between Mt. Cokely and Mt. Arrowsmith. The rain started […]

18 Jan

Hudson Bay Mountain

Landscapes – 2014 – Yukon to Oregon

January 18, 2015

I was lucky enough to get up to some pretty great adventures in 2014. I’ve been going through last year’s photos and decided to put together a small collection of landscape shots from those adventures. In early May I was driving from Calgary to Smithers and took this shot just off the highway. Later on, in […]

17 Sep

Hudson Bay Mountain

Hudson Bay Mountain | Smithers, BC

September 17, 2014

Since I was but a puny four year old rapscallion I have gazed up in awe from the Bulkley Valley to the peaks of Hudson Bay Mountain in my hometown of Smithers, BC. Just last month I had the opportunity to climb for the first time up to one of it’s mighty peaks and sign what is known as “the […]

15 Aug

Juan de Fuca

Juan de Fuca Trail

August 15, 2014

I recently hiked along the Juan de Fuca trail – a nice 47km stretch of trails along the south coast of Vancouver Island – over four days with some good friends. There is quite a lot of variation in the terrain, including sandy and stony shores, boulder fields, sheer rock beaches, trails along shore-line cliffs, steep ravines, […]

08 Aug

Smith Rock, OR

Smith Rock, OR

August 8, 2014

During a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I got the chance to swing down to Smith Rock Park for a quick camp and a climb. Two things I learned: 1) Outdoor climbing is quite fun 2) The Oregon desert in late July is very hot. Most of the professional climbers stay clear of the area […]

01 Aug

Atlin, BC - Ridge Resources

Atlin, BC

August 1, 2014

A recent adventure found me near Atlin, BC, where I had the opportunity to accompany an old friend of mine to some remote areas in the northwest of the province. Kyler Hardy, president of Ridge Resources, was in the area to perform some soil sampling and prospecting (checking the mineral content of surface rocks) for one of […]

08 Jul

Fleming Beach

Fleming Beach

July 8, 2014

Prior to boarding a friend’s sailboat and heading towards the inner harbour to watch some fireworks, July 1st found me at Fleming Beach, Esquimalt, just west of downtown Victoria. The sun cut through some of the less ominous sections of cloud, as was the case in the shot above. Thankfully, the intermittent cloud cover allowed for a more neutral […]